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Start Learning Web Design for your Outsourcing Career

web design tips for beginners

What is Web Design?

Web Design means designing a site with your own structure and own elements. It’s like an art. You can design any website using your own ideas.

Why need it?

Web Design is mostly needed for your outsourcing career. If you want to earn some extra money you can learn web design. You can also make your own website for running your company or business. You can also build your career on web design.

How to learn?

It’s a big problem. Many people don’t know how to learn any topics free from the web. In this modern age of science, Google & YouTube are the best teachers. You don’t need to pay money to them. You can learn totally free. You can also take web design course from any institution. That would be more effective for you.

Because then you can discuss your problem with the instructors and they can solve your issue quickly. If you learn from Google or YouTube then sometimes you may face something problem with coding and designing in different styles then you would be disappointed if you don’t get the proper solution.

How to start?

You should make a schedule for your course. Without a proper schedule, you can’t learn web design perfectly and within a short period. Give more time on practice than learning. That would be very much effective for your learning. 

What kind of software needed?

For learning web design you just need a code editor. There are many code editors on the web. Among them, I would recommend Notepad++.

You may also use the following code editor:

1. Sublime Text
2. Brackets
3. Adobe Dreamweaver

Why Notepad++?

Notepad++ is vastly used code editor program for web design. It has a plug-in called “Zen Coding” that will let you write code easily with a shortcut. It’s very useful and saves time while coding. For this reason, I recommended it.

What elements should I learn?

There are mainly two elements on web design that you must learn. 

2. CSS

After completing these lessons you should learn JavaScript & jQuery. jQuery is a library of JavaScript. Many built-in functions are stored on jQuery. You have to just call them to work on your HTML.
You can design a website with only HTML & CSS. For giving the more attractive look you should use JavaScript or jQuery.

How long time need to invest?

You can learn HTML, CSS just in 30 days. Can’t believe this? I have learned web design just in 20 days. After completing HTML, CSS you need to learn Making website layout and PSD to HTML. PSD to HTML is the main part of making a website. Practice this regularly then you can easily convert PSD to HTML. There are many jobs on PSD to HTML.

What Next?

After completing HTML, CSS, Basic JavaScript/jQuery then go for Responsive Web Design. That’s very much necessary for every web designers. Responsive design is very easy. You just follow some rules for making your site responsive.

After completing web design perfectly you can go for creating a profile on the marketplace for getting your web design jobs.

Don’t create freelancing profile before learning work completely. After completing your learning then make some demo work and make a portfolio website. You can design your portfolio website yourself. That’s necessary for showing your work to your client. So that, they will understand that you are perfect for their work.


You can make money from UpWork, Fiverr, and Freelancer etc top rated website. Be honest while work. Make a perfect price for your job. Don’t offer poor amount to client for collecting jobs.

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