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Blogspot releases new blogger templates 2017

blogger new template 2017

Recently official blogger team has released some new blogger templates for their user. Many people are using Blogspot blog site for their blogging. From many years we are using the basic blogger templates from their site.

But in this year March 2017 blogger officially released a few professional templates. These templates are really awesome. They are looking standard and professional. However, peoples are using custom blogger templates.

Now we don’t need to use custom templates. They are very nice templates, so we can definitely use them on our site. It’s a very good service from Blogger Team.

New Templates List:

1. Contempo
blogger new templates 2017

2. Soho
blogger new templates 2017

3. Emporio
blogger new templates 2017

4. Notable
blogger new templates 2017

Every template is responsive and user-friendly. There are 5 different colors in every template. You can use with your needs. You can also customize these templates and add different colors, elements etc.

We are really proud of blogger, for their awesome service to us. I liked every new template. Hope you will also like these templates. After a long time, we have got something new & special from blogger team. 

If you want to start blogging from scratch you can try blogspot. Otherwise, you can use WordPress blog with domain and hosting. If you are new you can try with a free site. After learning it properly then go for paid service. 

You can also use a custom domain for your Blogspot site. It’s free and simple. Just buy a domain from any company then add it to your blogspot site. A blog is the best way to express your thoughts to the world. 

You can turn your blog into a money machine. Just post quality content and do on-page and off page optimization. Then you will get visitors to your site. Then you can apply for AdSense account. After approve you can monetize your blog and start making money from your blog. 

There are lots of ways to make money online. Blogging is one of the best ways for lifetime income.

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