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YouTube Channel SEO Optimizing Tips For Quick Ranking

YouTube SEO Tips

Why YouTube Channel need SEO Optimizing? What’s the benefit of optimizing YouTube Channel with the targeted keywords? Yes, there are a lot’s of benefit for optimizing a YouTube channel.

Many people don’t know how to optimize a YouTube channel, however they may know about video SEO and video optimizing. Here you will know how to optimize “YouTube Channel”.

Before starting you should select a niche. What types of videos you will upload on your channel. Then create a channel with your targeted niche. It will give you extra chance for ranking your channel besides video. Often when we search for videos, we can see some channels are appearing on search page. So, it’s a good benefit for that channel to get audience on his channel.

It’s an entry level work. It should do just after creating a YouTube channel. Follow the steps:

Write SEO friendly Description:

  •  Go to YouTube & Sign in.
  • Go to My channel.
  • Click on the settings icon just bellow of your channel art in the right side.
  • Enable Customize the layout of your channel.
  • Go to about section and click to edit.
  • Write a Description about your channel what kinds of content you are uploading here.
  • Include targeted keywords in the description. Before you should do keyword research.
  • Don’t make your description looking like spam. Include keywords like as a paragraph. Don’t put just only keywords. 

Input Channel Meta Keywords:

  •  Go to My Channel 
  •  Go to Video Manager 
  •  Go to Channel
  • Click on Advanced
  • Here you will see Channel Keywords. Input your keyword list here. Include 15-20 keywords. Each keyword should separated by comma 
  • Click Save, at the bottom of the page.

Your Channel on page optimization is almost done. This Optimization will help to get targeted audience into your channel. Now, you have a great chance to get more traffic and more subscribers in your channel. Growing up your channel and growing up your content by on page optimization.

On page optimization works fast and better. Create quality content and unique content with targeted keywords and targeted audience. Never lose of hopes. Just carry on and work hard. Many people can’t write SEO friendly description. They make it spam and they can never rank their content. If you can complete these steps correctly then you are success on your channel on page optimization.

For including keywords in description, first you have to do research on keywords. Which keywords have more traffics and more value. Check Keywords monthly visitors and competition. You can use Google Keyword planner, Google Search auto suggestions, YouTube search auto suggestions etc. These are really useful for keyword planning.

You can share your channel on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest etc. This will help to get subscribers and audience. You should remember that content is the King.
These optimization tips will help you to grow up your channel. YouTube on page optimization is over. You don’t need to do it again. It’s one time job.

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