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Photoshop Tutorial: How to Engraving your Face on a Tree

Today I am going to show you how you can engrave your Face on a tree. It will looks like real. So, let’s start to make your face Engraving on Tree.

  1. Open Your Photo to include your Face. Open a good and high quality photo for better editing.
  2. Open a tree photo as a background image. Go to Your Photo.
  3. Press “Ctrl+Alt+U” to make your photo Black and White.
  4. Press “Ctrl+A” to select your image.
  5. Press “Ctrl+C” to Copy your image.
  6. Go to Background tree Image.
  7. Press “Ctrl+V” to Paste the copied image.
  8. Press “Ctrl+T” to adjust your image with background image. Drag and drop the edge.
  9. Make sure your face is on the tree and fitted well.
  10. Press “Ctrl+Alt+L” to Auto Level the Black and white image for your face adjustment.
  11. Open Brush Tool. Make the brush size “25px” and Hardness “0%”.
  12. Make Foreground color “Black” and Background color “White”.
  13. Open Mask tool, from left side at the bottom.
  14. Click on it and Mask your face carefully which part you want to engrave.
  15. Press “Q” from keyboard to quick select mask part. It will quick select all parts of the image. We need only face.
  16. Press “Ctrl+Shift+I” to select only Face which you masked.
  17. Press “Ctrl+J” to copy the Face layer.
  18. Hide the Layer 1 and Layer 2 from Layer Menu of Right Side.
  19. Click on Background image from the layer. Copy this layer by pressing “Ctrl+J”.
  20. Click on Copied Layer. Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur > Make the Radius “2.0px” and press Ok.
  21. Duplicate this current layer. Go to Layer > Duplicate Layer. Save this Layer as a new file with “DISPLACEMENT” Name or other Name.
  22. Close the Duplicate layer. And Save it on Desktop as Photoshop PSD file.
  23. Delete the background copy layer from layer menu.
  24. Visible Top Layer and click on it.
  25. Go to Filter > Distort > Displace > Select previously saved file named “DISPLACEMENT” from desktop.
  26. Copy the top layer. Press “Ctrl+J”
  27. Change the Blending Mode Normal to Multiply.
  28. Double click on this layer. Click on color overlay.
  29. Change the red color to “736d69”. This is color code. Just fill up this code from the color choosing option.
  30. Change the blend mode to Color dodge.
  31. From the Layer Menu. Select 2nd Layer. Change the Blend Mode Normal to Overlay.
  32. Set its Opacity “20%”.
  33.  Open New Adjustment Layer > Curves. Change the brightness and color which looks better.
  34. Click on the 2nd Layer and Press “Ctrl+M” and adjust the brightness and lightness from Curves.
  35. Your Image is ready to save. Save this photo on Desktop.

This tutorial is almost done. I have attached the Video version of this Photoshop Tutorial. Hope Enjoy this Tutorial and Make your own engraving face on a tree. It’s awesome.
Download the attached tree image:

Video Tutorial:

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