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Make Money from Microworkers - A to Z guidelines

make money from microworkers

What is Microworkers?

Microworkers is a micro job platform. It offers job to the workers. You can also hire workers for your job. There are lots of jobs in microworkers. Different types jobs and a different rate for the task. You can easily do these jobs and make money from home. It’s legit website and it’s a very popular micro job platform. I will discuss A to Z on Microworkers. How to work and how to make money quickly?

How to Join on Microworkers?

It’s very simple to join here. It’s free. First, go to Microworkers. You can see Register for free and Login Option in the home page. Microworkers offer jobs depending on your geographic location. If you live in the United States you will get the higher amount of jobs every day. Many employers offer jobs only for United States peoples. You can’t see these jobs if you live in another country. United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc Europe Countries are getting a higher amount of jobs regularly. If you live in Asia, then you have lower chance to get more jobs.

Make money from microworkers

Fill up the following form with your real information. Don’t use Fake information and VPN to create Microworkers account. Because Microworkers will verify your Identity by Sending verification Letter into your mailing addresses which you provide in Account settings.
How to make money from microworkers
Follow the password instruction to create a correct password for your account. If you follow the instruction correctly, you can do it easily. Create password like this “mwoaNFB08”. Give small letter, Capital letter & numeric.

Fill up the Address correctly. Give a Flat number, House Number, Road Number, Police station, District, State, Zip Code & County. 2nd step is verifying your email address. Go to email and click on the verification link. You must verify your phone number. It will be required later.

Microworkers Basic Details

After creating your account successfully you can see job list in your account. You can see Jobs, HG Jobs. HG Jobs means, Hire Group Jobs. When you will complete some jobs successfully and earn almost $3 or something less, then the employer will add you to their campaign group list. When they will offer HG Jobs you can find them on HG Jobs List.

You will get low jobs in HG Job Category while you are new to microworkers. Work regularly and you will get more jobs slowly. You will see Payment, Success rate %, TTR, TTF, Done etc. beside Job Name.
Payment: Payment means the rate for this task.

Success rate %: Success rate means how many people’s are paid or rated for this task.
TTR: TTR means Time to rate. What is the time to rate this task? The employer will manually check the job and if you do it correctly then he will rate this as satisfied.
TTF: TTF means Time to finish. How long times it will take to complete.
Done: How many people’s already did the job. And how many positions are remaining? It will be like “25/200”. It means 25 people already submitted the work. And another 200 peoples are able to take a position to do this job.

What types of job you will get in Microworkers?

Keyword Search+visit, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Blog/website, Forums, Apps download+install or app review, Blog comment, Bookmarking etc. All details will be provided by the employer on the task page serially. Follow the job instruction carefully and do them serially. That is the easiest way to complete the job successfully. If you can’t understand the job and don’t have the ability to do the job then ignore it.

How to complete and submit Task?

You can see the job description like bellow:

Job Instructions:
1. Go to (US Version)
2. Search the term bellow
"How to make money online" (exclude quota)
3. Click on the natural 1st website (specific page) link from the 1st page.
4. Stay that page for 35 seconds

Proof need to submit:
1. URL of the page which you clicked from Google search results.
2. Copy 2 sentences from that page.
Now you have to go to us version Google. Many people don’t know US version of Google. US version Google is
Then search the keyword what included on the description. Click on the specific page from the search page. Wait for 35 seconds on that page. Copy the website URL. Go to the proof submit box. Write 1. And paste your copied URL here. Then Copy any two sentences from that website. And paste it into the proof box with 2. Click on Submit. You have successfully submitted your task.


2. Online Income and Blogging Tips. Make money from YouTube and Google AdSense.

What is the payment method?

Microworkers offered PayPal, Moneybookers (Skrill) or Payoneer as a payment method. If you don’t have a Skrill account then you can easily create an account from Skrill
Your Skrill is your email address which you used to create skrill account. Go to Microworkers account page. Add your skrill Email address as a payment account. For US citizens Dwolla is available.

How to verify Address?

Microworkers will send you a PIN (letter) to your mailing address. It will take 14-40 days. If you don’t get the letter within 40 days, then apply for a new PIN (letter). If you want to change your address, then contact Microworkers admin. He replies every massage. He will restore your address and you can add a new mailing address. After getting the verification letter you will see Verification PIN. Submit the PIN and you are ready to withdraw money from microworkers.

How to get paid from Microworkers?

If your account balance is $9+ (+VAT) you can withdraw money. Microworkers usually send money two times per week, every Wednesday and Sunday. If your balance is over $9, then you can request for withdraw. Request for withdraw in the morning on that days. You will get the money quickly. If you don’t get the money, you will get it next period. So, no need to worry about payment.

Account Safety and guidelines

There are some rules in microworkers. You must obey these rules to keep your account safe and active. Don’t use VPN. Don’t create two accounts from a pc or mobile. Always be serious about your account. Don’t submit wrong proof. If you submit many wrong works, then microworkers will suspend your account for two or three weeks. If you use VPN, Microworkers will ban your account. So, be careful.

How to deposit money in Microworkers?

You can deposit money in Microworkers. It’s easy method. You can deposit money using your MasterCard/Visa Card/ Skrill Account. Minimum deposit amount is $10.

Can I offer a Job?

You can create or offer jobs in microworkers. You can offer International or HG Jobs. You are able to add custom choice workers to do your jobs. Include or exclude some country to do your job. You can use a filter to choose workers and create a group for HG campaign. Microworkers will take some money from you to approve your job. You can download your reports in an excel sheet and verify worker’s submission.

How to do Forum Posting/Social Profile Jobs?

You will see more jobs on Forum posting and Social bookmarking or Socail Profile+ Link to etc. The first time you can’t do these types of task. When you will open this link, it will show you “Malformed URL”. It’s a server system. It’s called Cheetu. Microworkers old account holders only can do these jobs. Now, the employer doesn’t give users to create a cheetu account. But there is a way to create a cheetu account. Many people want to know how to active cheetu for microworkers account. Open any cheetu jobs. Without doing the work submit the proof. In the proof box type – “Sir, I want to do your job, but when I open your link it shows Malformed URL. Please active this service for me”. You will not pay for this submission. But you will be able to create a cheetu account. And you will be able to do these jobs anytime.

How to get more jobs?

Refresh your browser for more jobs. Microworkers jobs don’t show all members at a time. You should refresh and refresh your browser to get more jobs.

Microworkers Alternative Sites

Many people wanted to know Microworkers Alternate. There are some alterative sites.

Follow total instructions carefully. Make money online easily. Make money from Microworkers. It’s easy and simple. In a short time, you can make money from online. It’s a very legit website. Don’t need to worry. Don’t work on PTC Sites.

Hope you enjoyed this guideline. If you work regularly, you can make a good amount of money. Have any question? Comment or Contact us through Contact page. I will try to help you about Microworkers.

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