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How to share android phone screen in PC

How to share android screen in Computer

How to share android phone screen in PC
Sharing your android phone screen in your PC not a hard thing. However you have to download some software which are required to share android screen in PC. That's all to do it.

Required items:
 1. Vysor app
 2. Universal Adb driver
 3. Smartphone
 4. Data cable

Vysor: Vysor is a Google Chrome App. Which lets you to view your android screen. First download it from
This program requires Universal Adb Driver. Also you have to install this software.You can easily Download Adb Driver from Vysor App. Just Open Vysor App and then you can it showing Adb Driver link. Just go to the Anchor text link and download it. It's a small size app.

Now come to the point. After completing these step now connect your smartphone with Data cable into your Computer. Open Vysor App. Go to Google Chrome Browser. Now go to Apps. Then  you will find Vysor App. Click and open it. Click on View. Now your smartphone will ask permission to share screen. Give permission and you can see your android smartphone screen in your Computer.

Why It's Important:
It's necessary for sometimes or for other reasons. There may have lot of reasons for sharing android screen on Computer. You may have hear about Screen recording. Making video tutorials with screen recording is known to all. If you are YouTubers you must know about it. You may have to record some Tutorials with screen recording apps on PC. 

If you want to record android screen your phone must be rooted! Without rooted android phone you can't record Android smartphone screen.
You may find many Android screen recording software on the net but you can't use these apps without having rooted phone. So, you can easily record your android mobile screen through Computer using Screen recording apps on PC.

You can record gameplay, tutorials, Useful apps, how to do anything through an apps etc. Just start the screen recording app in Computer and make the rectangle are of your android screen. And then start making tutorials, gameplay or anything which you want to record.

Some screen recorders requires root to access screen recording services in android phone. Even on my Android phone I can't record screen with mobile apps. My android version was 4.4.2 Kitkat. I have downloaded many screen recording apps. But all goes to dogs. Then i have tried this method and now i can record my android screen easily. If you have a lot's of idea of android software and other IT tips. Then you should need to record your android phone screen to provide these services to others. So, they will be able to see what you can done. 

In the latest version of Android phone you can easily use apps to record screen. Android 5.1 or 6.0 versions are now able to record screen through apps. Just search for "screen recorder" in play store and download an app. Every app may not run, just try which works. It's easy to use and no lagging. Be happy with screen recording with the new system.

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