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How to become a successful YouTube Vlogger - Case study 2017

how to become a successful youtube vlogger
What is Successful YouTube Channel?

Successful YouTube Channel means a YouTube Channel which has a lot of viewers and subscribers. So, how can I get a successful channel? Nobody will give you any successful YouTube Channel. However, you have to make your channel successful with hard work.

I will show you the way to be a successful YouTuber. If you follow all the instruction provided by me, I think you will be successful easily. I have researched a lot on “How peoples become successful YouTuber” and get some useful ideas. I have researched many successful YouTube Channel and generated knowledge from them.

Follow the instruction bellow and you can be a Successful YouTuber. Always keep in mind that, nobody becomes a Successful YouTuber within hard work and within a short time. You have to be patient and always have to work hard for your YouTube channel. Make a daily routine for spending time on your channel. Work regularly and research more and more.

Select a Niche

First, you have to select a niche. Find out a niche from Google and YouTube. Think what is our passion? What can you do? Which subjects have your interest? Then you can automatically generate a niche. If you have a DSLR Camera then you have a lot of opportunities to make lots of quality videos. And you can easily generate income from your videos.

You can make a product review, Smartphone review, Camera review, how-to videos, DIY videos, traveling videos, cooking & recipes video, music videos, short films, prank videos, Tech Videos, Tutorial videos etc.

Keyword Research

The first and most important things are keyword research. It is highly recommended to do keyword research for YouTube. Without keyword research, you can’t make amazing Title, Description & Tags for your videos. If you research keywords then you will have a target to rank for those keywords.

Select 3 types of keywords. They are Main keyword, LSI Keyword & long tail keyword. The main keyword is the targeted keyword for your video ranking. You should not select short keyword as the main keyword. Try to keep 3-5 words keyword for the main keyword. Check the Monthly search reports and competition. LSI keyword means (Latent Semantic Indexing). These keywords are related to your main keywords. Long tail keywords are long keywords which are more than 4 words.

Best Keyword Research Tools

There are many keyword research tools. Here I will tell you only three methods for best keyword research. Many keyword research tools provide unnecessary keywords and irrelevant keywords. Don’t use them.

This is one of the best keyword research tools from Google. It’s totally free to use. You can see keywords data by country and you can see the competitor and many data for the keyword.

How to become successful YouTube Vlogger

This is very helpful for keyword research. When people search on Google or YouTube, their search systems automatically generate relevant keywords for you. You can use these keywords.
How to become successful YouTube Vlogger
Related search:
How to become a successful YouTube vlogger

This is very effective keyword research tools. It provides only relevant keywords for your keyword. You can use these keywords in your video description, title & tags.
How to become a successful YouTube vlogger
 Generated results:

How to become a successful YouTube vlogger
Create a YouTube Channel

After keyword research now it’s time to create a YouTube Channel. Give Channel Name which is relevant to your niche. It’s very simple to create a YouTube Channel. Just go to YouTube, Sign in with your Gmail. Then create a new channel.

Create a logo for your channel. Don’t copy others people logo or photo to make it as your channel logo. If you are an expert in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator you can easily make your own logo. If not the go to and make your logo.

How to become a successful YouTube vlogger
 Select a design:

How to become a successful YouTube vlogger
To change your channel logo, you have to go to your Google+ account page. From there you can change your channel logo also Google+ account logo. Google plus page is related to your YouTube channel.
Now you have to create a banner for your channel. Create a banner which is related to your channel & Niche. You can also make a banner from

How to become a successful YouTuber
Select a design. You can use custom photos.

How to become a successful YouTube vlogger
Edit your Channel about Section

From YouTube > My Channel section, you can edit your channel about page. In this section, you have to write about your channel. Write SEO Optimize Description. Include keywords in the description. Don’t put only keywords here. It will look spam. Try to write a unique and natural description.

How to become a successful YouTube vlogger
Input Channel Meta Keywords

Go to your channel Dashboard. Click on Channel > Advanced > Channel Keywords. Input your main keywords first. Then put secondary keywords and click on Save. You can also change your country from here.

How to become a successful YouTube vlogger
Now your channel on page optimization is over. It’s time to make videos. 

Create a Video

Now you have to create videos for your channel. How to make quality videos? If you have a DSLR camera or normal camera even mobile phone’s camera you can make videos. DSLR Camera makes the best quality videos.

If you are willing to make short films or music videos, you have to make a group. Invite your friends to join with you for making videos. Write a story, select actor & actress and start shooting. The first video may not be quality full. But try and make more videos. After then you can make good quality videos.

If you want to make Tutorials, then you can use screen recorder apps for your PC. Then start recording what you want.

If you want to make product reviews, you have to purchase that product. Then you can make Product unboxing and review videos.

You can also buy latest Smartphone and gadgets. Then you can make their hands on review. After creating a video, you have to edit them. Use Adobe after Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Sony Vegas etc software. If you can’t use them, then try Camtasia Studio. It’s easy to edit video. But you will not get many features on it. However, you can edit your video.
Successful Vlogging depends on quality videos. If you can make quality full videos, people will subscribe your channel and you will get more visitors. You have to upload many videos.

Note: Don’t copy others video. Don’t use copyrighted materials on your video. It is strictly prohibited. You will be suspended for this.

Optimize Video Title

Now select a video title with keyword research. You should do keyword research for every video. Include the main keywords at the beginning. Put secondary keyword at the last. Don’t use more than 65 characters. Then search engine will cut off your Words. Try to keep title between 45-60 characters.  

Optimize Video Description

Like as video title you should optimize your video description. Don’t make video description spam. Include your title in the video description. Include LSI keywords here. Write your description by paragraph. In every paragraph include 3 keywords separately, at the beginning, at the middle & at the end. It will look very nice and will be well optimized. Try to make your description about 300-400 words.

Upload and Share

After finishing the video editing, rename the raw video file with your keywords. Include keywords on your video file and save. Go to YouTube and Upload Your Video. And Input your optimize Title, Description & Tags in your video.

How to become a successful YouTube vlogger

Upload video regularly. You can maintain a schedule for uploading videos. You can also use schedule uploading option. Upload 2-3 video per week.

Custom Thumbnail

Create a custom thumbnail for your video. Thumbnail is the most important part of a video. When visitors search for videos, first they see the Thumbnail, then Title. So, if your video thumbnail looks attracting then people will click on your video. Don’t use an irrelevant thumbnail to get visitors. As a result, they will leave your video without watching.

First, you have to verify your channel to use a custom thumbnail. Go to Video manager > Channel. Then Verify using the phone number.

Create custom thumbnail with Photoshop. You can also use for making video thumbnail. 

How to become a successful YouTuber
Select a layout design:

How to become a successful YouTube vlogger

Create Free Channel Ad

How to become a successful YouTube vlogger

Create Subscribe Button on Video

How to become a successful YouTube vlogger

Connect to AdSense

After uploading the video, you need to monetize your video. Without monetize you can’t earn revenue from video.
Go to Video Manager > Channel. Then you can see monetization option. Choose your country and monetize.

how to become a succesful youtuber

After monetize your video, you can apply for hosted AdSense account. There are two kinds of AdSense account. One is hosted and another is non-hosted. Hosted is only for YouTube. Non-hosted is for blogging.
Within a short period, your AdSense account will be active. Then you can see your earnings from AdSense account page.

Create Backlinks

Backlinks are very important for video ranking. If is not strongly recommended for YouTube Vloggers. But it is strongly recommended for blogger. They must create natural relevant backlinks to rank their site on Google 1st page. You have to do on page optimization. Also, you have to share your videos on social media. You can create natural backlinks for quick ranking.

Avoid Spamming

Don’t spam in YouTube. Don’t buy YouTube views; never click on your ads. It will cause AdSense suspension. Don’t make spammy comments on other people’s video. Don’t use bot software to increase YouTube Views. Try to avoid all spam.

Get paid from your videos

If your videos get views & clicks, you will earn money. You will see all earning reports on AdSense and YouTube dashboard. If your current balance becomes $100+ you will be able to get money on your bank account. You have to PIN verify your AdSense account in order to get paid.

Note: Don’t start YouTube vlogging in order to get money. Start YouTube vlogging to provide your best to the peoples. Then you can be a successful YouTube Vlogger. Give priority to content, if content becomes rich, and then it will give you money.

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