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Blogging Tips for Newbie – How to start blogging

How to start blogging

Hello Guys, You have to know about Blogging. Blogging is a library of creativity. Today In this topic I will clear you about an important idea, which should you know before starting blogging. You can write about anything from your creativity in your blog. Blogging is a passion. You can turn your passion into profit. Know how? OK, I will discuss on it. So, let’s start.

What is Blogging?

Blogging means writing story, news, writing articles on any topics. It’s all about writing on a web page. You can write anything on your blog. You can write about yourself, your family & your lifestyle. You can also write about others people and their story.

There are many kinds of blogging- Technology Blogging, Personal Blogging, Food & Recipes Blogging, Fashion Blogging, Sports Blogging, News Blogging, Video Blogging, Education Blogging, Lifestyle Blogging, Health Blogging, Engineering Blogging, Photography Blogging etc. There are lots of people and their ideas & thinking are different. 

Why Blogging?

You can take blogging for many reasons. However, many people are taking Blogging as passion and for making money. You can do both with blogging. You can turn your passion into profit through blogging. You can also take blogging as professional. Many people are doing professional blogging. Many people are doing this as a part-time. There are main two kinds of blogging-

1. Regular Blogging

2. Event Blogging

Regular blogs are updated regularly. Regular blogs are creating for long time blogging. And Event blogging is creating only for a season. Such as World Cup Final, Olympic Games etc. These kinds of the blog get many hits on these seasons. They make a huge amount of money from it. I think now you have understood the matter.

How to start Blogging?

You can easily start a blog. But you have to invest some dollars for creating a blog. Before starting you need some items-
1. Domain
2. Hosting 

You can buy a domain from many sites. Such as GoDaddy, NameCheap, Hostgator etc. Only buy a domain from a popular site. Never buy from any people. There are many kinds of fraud people, who will cheat with you while buying domain & hosting.

So, be careful before buying a domain and hosting. There is another way for free blogging through blogger powered by Google. But for making money free blogging is not perfect. If your budget is too low you can only buy a top level domain and host it with blogger. That will be perfect for you to start blogging with cheap rate.


You have to check many things before buying a domain and hosting. Check their packages and details. Check Monthly bandwidth and hosting. 1/2 GB hosting and 10/20 GB Bandwidth is perfect for starting a blog. You can update the hosting package later from your hosting provider.

Domain Name Research

Before buying a domain choose a domain name. You will not get your preferable domain name easily. If your preferable domain name is not registered yet, then you can buy that domain. Before selecting a domain name, choose a niche for blogging. What types of articles will you publish on your blog? Then select a domain name with your targeted keyword. That will be effective for SEO.

You also have to check web archive page of your desired domain. If your domain name is not listed on Web Archive, then it is a fresh domain. You can use it without any doubt. If your domain is listed on web archive, then you have to that site’s page and indexed pages on Google.
It is better to choose a fresh domain. You can also generate domain name with your keywords from here-

It’s a good site to generate unique and unregistered domain names. You can choose your keywords to include in your domain name. This site will mix your keywords with a new word and make a domain name for you. It will suggest many domain names. You can choose whatever you want.

Install WordPress

After registering a domain, you should install CMS. WordPress is the most popular and best CMS. Then you have to setup Themes and Plug-in. There are many kinds of Themes on WordPress Admin Panel.

You can also buy a Theme for your site. Choose a responsive theme. Customize the site layout. Design it yourself according to your choice. Then start making new posts regularly. Quality contents will bring a lot of traffic to your blog site. You can’t post copyrighted content on your blog. You have to create unique post yourself. You can also hire writers for your blog post.

On Page Optimization

After completing your site design and after posting some articles you should do on page optimization for your blog. You have to include Meta descriptions, Meta keywords in your blog, Robots.txt file etc. Then you have to submit your website URL to Google.
After that, you have to connect your blog with Google Search Console. Then you have to create and submit your website sitemap.

Off Page Optimization

After completing on page optimization, you have to start off page optimization. Besides writing new articles for your blog, perform off-page optimization. Then you can increase traffics for your blog.
Always try to provide quality contents to the audience. If you can impress your audience, then you will get regular traffics for your blog.

Share on social media; make backlinks, forum posting, and guest post. Make .edu & .gov backlinks, article submission etc. These will increase your site Authority.

Make Money from Blogging

After posting quality contents, doing on page optimization and off page optimization you can apply for AdSense. AdSense is the best way to make money from blogging. Many people are doing Affiliate marketing through Blogging. You can also try.

Before applying for AdSense check, your blog site pages are correctly indexed or not on Google. Make sure that your blog age is almost 4 months. Make sure you have created about us, Contact us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer pages for your blog. Make sure that, your blog has minimum 30 posts and they are well optimized & correctly indexed on Google.

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