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Add Google Analytics to Blogger Website - Best Method 2017

how add google analytics to blogger

Add Google Analytics code in blogger website.
You can easily add Google analytics tracking code to your blogger site. It will help you to get all analytics reports of your site. You can see what visitors are doing on your site. You can easily check from where traffics are coming. What are they doing on your site? Which pages are getting more views? Which keywords are helping visitors to come into your blog site?

This is really an awesome tool from google and totally free. You can use your analytics account to get information on the website, apps, youtube videos, Adsense etc. It’s easy to use. Newbie can’t understand the reporting system. If you see some tutorials from youtube on google analytics that will be helpful for you to generate your site’s report.

Here I will show you how can you add your google analytics account to your blogger site. There are two methods to add analytics code in your blog. It’s very important to add google analytics to blogger. It helps to collect a lot of information of your blogger site. I have described 2 methods for adding google analytics code to blogger.

Method 1:
This is very simple method. Go to your Google Analytics site. Just follow the steps:

  • Go to Google Analytics page.
  • Go to ADMIN page.
  • From the property Menu go to Tracking Info.
  • Click on Tracking code.
  • You will see a code like this “UA-10000001-1”
  • Copy this code.
  • Go to Blogger > Settings > Other.
  • You can see Google Analytics code box bellow.
  • Paste your google analytics code here.
 It’s done. Now you can check your site’s status and visitors information from google analytics.

Method 2:

This method is also easy. But this time you have to add some code in your HTML Template. You can easily add google analytics tracking code in blogger HTML. Just follow the steps:
  • Like as First Method Click on Tracking code. You will see Universal Analytics tracking code box. 
  • Here is the tracking code for your website.
  • Copy all code from the box.
  • Go to blogger > Template > Edit HTML.
  • Go to the end of HTML code.
  • Find out “</body>”
  • Before this code paste the analytics tracking code.
  • Save Template.
Now your site is ready to track your site’s information. You can easily check your website’s information, analysis traffics, how traffics are coming to your site, real time analytics etc. There are a lot’s of items to check from google analytics.

If you want to keep your blogging or online business successful and live you should add analytics in your site. This helps you to generate all information about your site. Keep collecting your site’s data and analyze them. Think what to do to improve your site.

You can also add google analytics tracking code for your WordPress site. You have to download google analytics plugin. All information of your website can be collected from google analytics.
Hope you already did it. Start to know about your website visitors. Try to improve those pages which are not getting views.

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